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Iron Fit Gym

Step 1: Identify pain points

  • Visiting Iron Fit Gym's website requires that you wait 6 seconds for the page to load which is resulting in a 42% visitor abandonment rate.
  • Finding class information requires clicking through multiple pages and updating the weekly class calendar is extremely difficult. This leads to class information being outdated and the weekly class calendar being incorrect.

Step 2: Develop solutions

  • Using Website Custodian hours and a one-time fee we will design a new website for Iron Fit Gym that is faster and built on a more secure platform.
  • Information on classes and the weekly class calendar will be redesigned and streamlined for display and easy management.

Step 3: Experience success

  • With the new design and subsequent reduction in page loading times visitors will stay on Iron Fit Gym's website longer.
  • Class information will be current and the weekly schedule will be accurate.

Dunhill Professional Staffing of Hawaii

Step 1: Identify pain points

  • Dunhill Hawaii's website didn't display well on mobile devices.
  • Job listings were difficult to maintain and required applicants to email their resume to apply.
  • Hurricane Simulation role call required applicants to call Dunhill Hawaii and verbally complete a long application questionnaire.

Step 2: Develop solutions

  • At Dunhill Hawaii's request we worked with an on-staff designer at Dunhill Hawaii to create a modern and mobile ready website.
  • A custom jobs board was built to meet the specific needs of Dunhill Hawaii.
  • The Hurricane Simulation application form was integrated into Dunhill Hawaii's new website.

Step 3: Experience success

  • Visitors now stay on Dunhill Hawaii's website longer, especially mobile visitors.
  • The custom integrated jobs board allows applicants to submit their resume with 1 click. This has resulted in a significant increase of applicants for Dunhill Hawaii.
  • Integrating the Hurricane Simulation form into the website reduced the number of temporary staff required to answer the phone during role call.

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